We will keep a list here of needs for the clothes closet ministry. Before you collect or bring things please check this list to see what we can use, or contact us at vieuxcarrechurchinfo@gmail.com

Things we can always use-  Men's pants waste size 38 and below. Men's and women's socks, backpacks, deodorant , new or used tennis shoes, new underwear.  

Things we need during the winter months-  Blankets, hooded sweatshirts, beanie hats, gloves.

Things we cannot use-  dress clothes, pants suits, pants with waist size over 42, curtains, bed sheets, dressy or high heeled shoes, short shorts, children's clothing


 What we really need now-

Men's pants waist size 38 and below.

 Adult size tennis shoes (men and women's), Deodorant, Razors, 

 Back Packs, Belts, Socks and Underwear

Monetary donations are always welcome as well.  Just specify when you make a donation that is is for the clothes closet.