The most important thing for the Vieux is the Gospel, the truth. What is that truth? God has made himself clearly evident in creation and science. He exists. He made man to be in a relationship with Him. Man decided to sin (do things that weren't the best for him and invited evil into the world God made).  Because God is perfect, holy and just, He cannot be with sin so the relationship was broken. Man cannot do anything to repair the relationship he broke. No religious acts or good works can undo what's been done. God in His mercy made a way to restore the broken relationship. He sent His son Jesus as a man to walk among us, show us how things should have been between us and God, and then die as a sacrifice for our sins past and present. Jesus carried our sins and died for them but then raised Himself from the dead and overcame sin and death. Through placing our trust (our faith) in what Christ did alone we can have a restored relationship with creator God. When we admit we are the problem and we cannot fix the problem but trust fully in Jesus, the Spirit of God moves in our hearts and lives. He gives us the power to know Him and overcome temptations and be used for the amazing things He has had planned for us to do. Why did He do this for people who turned against Him by sinning? Simply put it was His love for us.